South Australian Country Music Festival and Awards in the Riverland of South Australia


  South Australian Country Music Festival 

2011 WINNER:   Joe Musico - Victoria

2012 WINNER:   Evan Plaschinda - Victoria

2013 WINNER:   Terry Wilson - Tasmania 

2014 WINNER:   Daniel & Oggie Karpany - Sth Aust

2015 WINNER:   Joe Wouters - Sth Aust

2016 WINNER:   Gerrry Vee 



Proud Sponsors of all BUSKERS:

Buskers are welcome at the SA Country Music Festival

Over the years we have discovered some very good ones. If you would like to Busk when you come to Barmera just select a spot if it is a shop ask the shopkeeper for permission to set yourself up out front then go to the Barmera Library in Barwell Avenue and register your name for a small fee with the Berri Barmera Council.

You will find the District Council and the Shopkeepers very friendly and the Festival Committee present a Certificate and a $100 Prize to the best Busker. The Award will be presented on Saturday of the June long weekend.  Buskers cannot set up on the last day and be considered in the judging as Buskers must have performed sometime during the week.

If you are using power make sure that you have had your equipment tagged and tested by a qualified electrician or ask Festival Committee to help you tag and test when you arrive  - keep all cords and equipment tidy - taped down and placed in a manner that will not hinder or obstruct the public or the place of business - alcohol is not allowed in the street.

Buskers add a very special atmosphere as well as colour and excitement to our Festival and to appreciate your talents we all need to hear your music and not just a big noise so please keep your volume at an acceptable level and allow other Buskers, Shopkeepers and your audience to have a good time too. Noise levels will be monitored and we don't want to pull the plug on anyone so with a little co-operation we can all work together and the Festival Committee will not receive any complaints.

All Buskers as well as the Street Band must stop

from 11am - 12noon for Hall of Fame Inductions

Welcome to the Annual South Australian Country Music Festival



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