South Australian Country Music Festival and Awards in the Riverland of South Australia

SA Award of Excellence


FOR 2017


SA Award of Excellence Winners                                                        

1991: Kahren  

1992: Bill Langhorn 

1993: Wild Card  ...      

1994: Apple Juice    

1995: Nicole Briant

1996: Mallee Blue

1997: Adrian Reich

1998: Megan Laurie

1999: Korey Livy

2000: Megan Laurie

2001: Billy Bridge

2002: Mercia Manners

2003: Leah Briggs

2004: Shanna Zibell

2005: John O'Dea

2006:  John O'Dea                 Runner Up:  Kristal Collins

2007:  Danielle Mowbray       Runner Up:  Darin Warner

2008: Georgette Berry           Runner Up: John Turner Jnr

2009: Caroline Caputo            Runner Up: Erica Graf

2010:  Katie Giddings              Runner Up:   Melody Feder

2011: Lorena Quinlivan          Runner Up:   Nathaniel O'Brien

2012: Kym Wilson                  Runner Up: Nathaniel O'Brien

2013: Nathaniel O'Brien        Runner Up: Vanessa Waara

2014: Bandanna Beau           Runner Up: Cynthia Lawrence

2015:  Cynthia Lawrence     Runner Up:  Juliet Oliver

2016:  Juliet Oliver              Runner Up :  Peter Armstrong

The next SA Award of Excellence will NOT be held on Sunday 11th June 2017


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