Maple Avenue of Honour

The Maple Avenue of Honour was instigated in 2005 by local identity Roly Maple who has spent many years working in support of the Festival. It is Roly who makes and donates the concrete map of South Australia with the Country hat on top representing the Festival Logo. Roly asked that this map be used to honour those volunteer workers who have donated ten years or more of their valuable time and knowledge to ensure the success of the Festival. The Maple Avenue of Honour recipient is Inducted at the Hall of Fame Ceremony in the Hands of Fame Park during the Festival.


  • 2015: Meagan Harding
  • 2014: Rosemary Gower
  • 2012: Anne Haby and Brenton Hastwell
  • 2011: Alby Hansen
  • 2010: Dot McDonnell
  • 2009: Jean Voight and Max Voight
  • 2008: Daisy Hunter and Erald Hunter
  • 2007: John Farrant and Rod Schumann
  • 2006: Christine Wutke
  • 2005: Nan Harding

Photos by Ian Fisk -