Olive Bice

Olive is a regular at Mildura and at Barmera to name a few festivals.

Olive’s loyal fans have crowned her Bendigo’s Queen of Country Music and she has even been referred to as Australia’s Queen of Country Music, Victoria’s Queen of Country Music and the Big ‘0’ of Country Music.

Olive’s dedication to nurturing of young performers coming through the ranks and her tuition and guidance has launched many other country artists in their careers.

Olive is an established and popular recording artist and now (1999) records on the Birubi label. She was influenced by artists such as Shirley Thoms, June Holmes and Patsy Cline. During the 1980’s she toured Australia with her own show.

June 1993 she extended her horizons by taking part in the Australian Showcase Tour to the Gore Awards in New Zealand.

Olive’s repertoire is wide from the sweet sounds of Anne Murray and Patsy Cline to the Belters of Dolly Parton and Linda Rondstadt. She is also brilliant at performing traditional hillbilly standards and yodelling classics her versatile voice will lend itself to jazz, country, rock and roll, but it is the field of country music in which Olive’s star shines brightly.

With a career which has spanned over thirty years, Olive has worked with Lee Conway, Jimmy Little, Rocky Page, Barry Thornton, Slim Dusty, The Hawking Brothers, Chad Morgan, Wayne Horsburgh, Kathryn & Elaine Pitt, Denise Morrison, and the Howie Brothers – to name just a few. Happy Birthday 9th June.

(Above words adapted by Ian Fisk (www.ianfisk.org) from the 1999 21st Annual Country Music Festival Program)

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