Peter Healy

“I can only surmise that this weird life is meant to be a writer’s tool.”

Peter Healy is a multi talented writer and performer with a career spanning radio, television, film and music. He has worked both in front of and behind the camera, on and backstage.

Pete’s life began on the land. His parents were farmers and a long association and rapport with nature and animals was fostered in his rural upbringing. By his own admission ‘a bit of a dog whisperer’ Pete’s love for the land often surfaces in his creative writing and music.

He has won many awards for his literary works and music, is published internationally, has been written up in the New York Times, has radio airplay in Australia and internationally and has appeared in motion pictures and television.

He also digs a mean trench.

“As a traveller – and I seem to be an eternal gypsy – one turns the hands to many different tasks in order to survive.

This has both blessed and sustained me over countless miles and mixed circumstance. I have proven versatile and resilient, if nothing else.” says Pete.

Pete’s lyrics and poetry reflect well the human condition. Topics are as diverse as love and love lost, through to planetary degradation and tropical fruit. Everyday events are turned into shiny gems, politicians and policy makers given an often necessary serve and all of us are treated to a poetic and at times humorous wake up call.

“Mostly, after everything, it’s come down to music for me”.

“I just want to play the damn guitar”’ (Title of and story of a one eyed dog who wants to play steel guitar – from one of Pete’s songs)

“ . . . and I suspect that the old dog is really me”.

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