Peter ‘Sarge’ Warner

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Peter Warner known as ‘Sarge’ to his friends, has lived a life that reads like many of the country songs he knows and loves. It is in the delivery of Peter’s songs that one can see, and hear, the true conviction of someone that knows no other way than to sing from the heart.

From a young age music has been paramount in Peters life. Peter recalls times where he as a young boy he would sing the Buddy Williams song “the Orphan Boy and his Dog” to anyone willing to give him an ear. It was there on the dairy farm at Mannum, in South Australia where he and his five brothers grew up, that music was engrained into Peter’s soul and a passion was born.

Always encouraged to follow his passion for music, Peter at the age of 14 left school and joined a band called the ‘Jay men’ where he tasted the world of pubs, clubs and no sleep.

Then came other bands like the ‘Night Beats’, TV shows in Adelaide with Roger Cardwell and Reg Lindsey, all the while truck driving interstate to earn the money to continue with the music he loved.

In 1971 Hearing of great opportunities in the gold fields of Western Australia, Peter joined his two brothers where he worked underground by day and preformed with Peter Warner and the Travellers by night. The lure of the big lights in 1978 led Peter to Perth where he formed ‘Branded Country’ the benchmark of the West’s country bands for five years until the band broke up. It was then back to solo work, building up to a staggering 15 gigs a week.

For a break from the intense schedule, Peter returned to interstate truck driving. In his own words he has always been a bit of a villain’. Many of his friends would agree. Though most thought the Warner voice to be the best in country music. However Sarge was too well known for blowing chances when they came.

This all changed after Peter was involved in what he believes was a life changing moment. He was asleep in the relief driver’s bunk in a loaded semi heading east. Near Balladonia it left the road and overturned. While the Warner body was being repaired the Warner mind and spirit had a good look at life ahead. The urge to do more with music, and hold onto the chances when they came, was now a driving force motivating him to where he is today.

Too describe Peter Warner’s life and career properly would take a novel that would exhaust the most avid of reader. However when you hear Peter Warner sing, listen to the warmth and the feeling It is coming from the heart of a man who’s been through most of it and wants to share it with you.

Darin & Mathew
Peter Warner’s Sons


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