Workin’ Overtime

At the heart of “Workin’ Overtime” are husband and wife team Stewart and Tammie Ray. The couple began working together as the duo “Two Of A kind” not long after they first met in the eighties. They soon ventured into country music festivals state wide to take out numerous awards and made several television appearances. After moving to Toowoomba QLD to build their career in the music industry they got to meet and work with some incredible talent. “Artists like Albert Lee, Steve Morse, and Gina Jeffreys are amazing people both on and off stage. And some are just plain good fun, like Tommy and Phil Emmanuel.”

‘Workin’ Overtime’ came about from a group of friends who were keen to get together and play good fun music that would make people want to get up and dance. ‘Workin’ Overtime’ soon became a popular outfit. Workin’ Overtime have performed all over the country, playing everywhere from barn dances in country halls, clubs and bars, to festivals and biker rallies. The band are in mostly known for private functions and the weddings/social club circuit.

Rod Porter (Drums and percussion) is originally from Berri (S.A.), where he played in great bands like ‘Fat Mattress’, and ‘Railroad’. Rod Porter was a resident player at the Berri Hotel for many years with memorable highlights like backing blues legend Bo Diddley among many other artists. Rod was involved with the Barmera Country Music Festival – working with Country Music icon Rocky Page. Rod has also played with many bands around Adelaide – most notably with ‘Claypan’ for many years, where they played at Country Music clubs all around South Australia, as well as travelling interstate to perform at places like Tamworth. Claypan were awarded Best Country act in S.A. at the Fowlers Music Awards in 2012, and that same year Rod won the best song writer as judged by C.M.S.A. for ‘Light Years Away’ – with Nathaniel O’Brien. Rod brings to the group a wealth of history and experience that shows in his playing and attention to detail.

Joslyn Fernandez (Rhythm/Lead Guitar and vocals)
A long-time friend of Rods, Joslyn comes from a very musical family. Most widely known for his exceptional work in the group ‘The Garuda Band’, where he played with the five Fernandez Brothers – Malcolm, Addie, Walter, Joslyn, and Gary. They were highly sought after in the cabaret and social club circuit.
Joslyn also filled in as a lead guitarist/vocalist with country and western band ‘Southern Wildfire’ for 2 years.
With a wide repertoire of material, solid guitar chops, tasteful lead guitar, and smooth silky vocals that blend so well in Workin’ Overtime, Joslyn brings many elements to the band that complement the outfit so well.

Tammie Ray (Bass Guitar and vocals)
From Angelic tones, to country girl twang, to rock chick on bass – Tammie has it all. With a smile on her dial Tammie lays down the bass grooves while belting out harmonies that make you want more.

Stewart Ray (Rhythm/Lead/Synth Guitar and vocals)
Stewart has extensive experience in many areas of the music industry including sales, repairs, and production, but is most at home as a guitar player and M.D. ‘Things are working well for us right now.’ Adds Stewart. ‘We have great fun with the audience. They get a kick out of our selection of tunes and the way we put them across. It’s all about getting folks singing along, clapping, dancing, and putting a smile on their faces. It’s hard work at times, but it’s all worth it.’

With a massive range of influences like The Eagles, CCR, Linda Rondstadt, Olivia Newton-John, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson, Tanya Tucker, The Mavericks, Van Morrison, Patsy Cline, Vince Gill, Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, The Angels, ZZ Top, The Shadows, Dixie Chicks, and Lynyrd Skynrd – WORKIN’ OVERTIME appeal to everybody with a repertoire full of ‘Wow, I love that song…’ tunes. They play with passion and have a knack for a creative approach to making good tunes great.‘

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